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How does it affect you?

According to

  • If public schools neglect to solve the demanding problem, students will continue on the pattern from years ago. Students living in low-income communities will have a harder time escaping the lifestyle without an education. If those students end up in a rotation, the next generation is likely to do the same. How will the students get ahead of the game, if the schools are not brainstorming how to make things better.

  • Not only does education matter for a career, but people also gain respect because of their ranking based on their knowledge.

  • If students get the best education they will better understand the world around them.

  • Education will also help with dreams and aspirations and how to go after them. Once the dream is achieved, that person will have money so that they can have a stable income.

  • Having an education will provide the students with language skills so that they can properly express what they are passionate about.

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