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Research Question 

Does redesigning the criteria of the school, solve the problem of educational inequity?

  • Everyone deserves the right to receive a great education. However people don’t always get what they need depending on where that person lives or their ethnicity.

  • Public Schools should have the tools to guarantee every student to get a higher education. Educational Inequity involves social justice, because students don’t have all the right opportunities to have a well-rounded education. There is a problem in the distribution of education in public schools around the community.

  • Education is essential to getting a career and having stable money when students are adults. College is also a fun experience that everyone should get to enjoy. If the education in high school is challenging enough, the student will be able to get a full ride scholarship to any college.  

  • Since the parents and consumers are paying taxes they should be able to have great public schools in their own areas.

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