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What are the possibe solutions?

  • According to

  • To make a goods school great there needs to be  strong professional administrators and teachers. A broad curriculum should also be available to the students.

  • Every public school needs to know the set curriculum for each grade level. The teachers need to have consistent meeting discussing how they can have different methods to making the students to perform well.  

  • Great schools have teachers who are knowledgeable, professional, and prepared. The schools that succeed have a clear mission and goals throughout each year. The class size should also be small enough for each student to actively learn.

  • Schools should also have a well-thought out disciplinary plan to keep the students in check. The teachers should also have various ideas and activities towards breaking down challenging concepts. The teachers should also relate to the students and their community.

  • Use testing often so that the teacher can understand the progress of the class and change the material if the students are not improving.

  • There also should be a place where the students can go to get additional help.

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